Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rosy warmth

double collar shirt from initial, cardigan from initial, skirt from 2068, tights from mongkok, loafers from hush puppies, bag from staccato

It is so warm today. I couldn't believe in my eyes when I saw "24 ℃" on the screen of my dad's car. My photographer had a very busy day so I took pictures by myself. Right... I usually don't take pictures on my own... It is always better to have a photographer. A lot of you have been asking who my photographer is. 

She is my MOM. YEAH [clap] Credits to her for all my previous posts.

Also, I wore a pair of fun tights today. I guess I can only wear for a few more times because it is already a bit damaged. Thanks to a passionate dog. Luckily, this was not expensive, so that's fine.

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