Sunday, December 30, 2012

Electric Blue

shirt from urban outfitter, knit top from esprit, jeans from izzue, heels from millies

When I bought this pair of high heels, I decided between the blue and black versions of this pair of heels. I looked for a pair of black heels for any formal purpose. Somehow...the leather was softer after processes of dying it to black, so the black one was looser for my feet. Yet, this blue is really beautiful. Finally, the blue fits me better. 

I am really glad to buy a pair of dark heels finally.. (though this has such sharp color -_-). I only buy really comfortable heels, while I have feet with small differences in length... All these make me extremely difficult to buy heels. This pair is comfortable enough for me to run (which is my major criteria, lol). 

I just match the heels for this photo shoot. I switched to oxford shoes to go out. I had to walk a lot that day and I like to walk really fast.. so heels was not my choice.

I am leaving soon, so my blog may be quiet for a few months again. I stocked up several outfits originally, but my SD card corrupted and I lost all the photos.. arghh..  :( 

Anyway, I enjoyed these 6 weeks, the first relaxing break in my life, and to somehow be a full-time blogger. 

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