Monday, December 31, 2012

Back to School

floral shirt from urban outfitter, jacket from urban outfitter, college t-shirt, skirt from american apparel, tights from mongkok, shoes from hush puppies

I am heading back to college for winter term. "So much excitement, so much delight..." 7℉, I am ready!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Electric Blue

shirt from urban outfitter, knit top from esprit, jeans from izzue, heels from millies

When I bought this pair of high heels, I decided between the blue and black versions of this pair of heels. I looked for a pair of black heels for any formal purpose. Somehow...the leather was softer after processes of dying it to black, so the black one was looser for my feet. Yet, this blue is really beautiful. Finally, the blue fits me better. 

I am really glad to buy a pair of dark heels finally.. (though this has such sharp color -_-). I only buy really comfortable heels, while I have feet with small differences in length... All these make me extremely difficult to buy heels. This pair is comfortable enough for me to run (which is my major criteria, lol). 

I just match the heels for this photo shoot. I switched to oxford shoes to go out. I had to walk a lot that day and I like to walk really fast.. so heels was not my choice.

I am leaving soon, so my blog may be quiet for a few months again. I stocked up several outfits originally, but my SD card corrupted and I lost all the photos.. arghh..  :( 

Anyway, I enjoyed these 6 weeks, the first relaxing break in my life, and to somehow be a full-time blogger. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012


leather jacket from kookai, shirt from BDG, pants from urban outfiter, converse

I am wearing my mom's jacket again. I am still looking for my ideal leather jacket. I found a lot of nice one but they ran out of my size... Perhaps it will to cold by the time i find a nice one. Then, I will put aside my leather jacket plan and look for one again next year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Cosy Pinky

shirt from tommy hilfiger, tank top from uniqlo, white jeans from zara, shoes from clarks

My pink shirt and white jeans coincidently matched with the background. From my pink face, you can probably tell that it was very warm and I was sweating.  I was competing with brides, Filipinos and Mainlanders for a place to take photos.. haha... On Sundays, the Cultural Centre is really crowded. They also like to take pictures like my blogging photos... huh, do they have a blog too?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Red and Green Christmas excitement

checked shirt from pull & bear, skirt from mongkok, necklace from northfield, tights, leather converse 

Christmas time is almost here! Have you felt the excitement? "So much excitement, so much delight..." Christmas carols are ringing in my head. I have probably sung too much for the past two weeks that my voice is tired now. Too bad :(... Although I have to keep quiet and call for a break from singing in the shower and anywhere in the house, my Christmas excitement is still here!

Enjoy Christmas shopping and buy a lot of nice gifts!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Look at Black and Gold

 top from causewaybay, trousers from izzue, sneakers from nike, earrings from taiwan

I could have matched this with a pair of super high heels but I preferred casual look deep in my heart. So, I wore a pair of sneakers instead. My lips were very red because I burnt them with hot water... haha... saving some lipsticks. Well, I seldom wear lipsticks anyway.

Sneakers didn't seem to work with Christmas party, so I ended up wearing a pair of oxford shoes with this outfit.

- As I have said, I really love the combination of black and gold in this season.

Rosy warmth

double collar shirt from initial, cardigan from initial, skirt from 2068, tights from mongkok, loafers from hush puppies, bag from staccato

It is so warm today. I couldn't believe in my eyes when I saw "24 ℃" on the screen of my dad's car. My photographer had a very busy day so I took pictures by myself. Right... I usually don't take pictures on my own... It is always better to have a photographer. A lot of you have been asking who my photographer is. 

She is my MOM. YEAH [clap] Credits to her for all my previous posts.

Also, I wore a pair of fun tights today. I guess I can only wear for a few more times because it is already a bit damaged. Thanks to a passionate dog. Luckily, this was not expensive, so that's fine.

Friday, December 14, 2012

the College Girl

denim jacket from kookai, college t-shirt, jeans from uniqlo, belt from kwai chung, leather converse

I finally found a day which was warm enough for me to wear my college t-shirt! People stared at me when I walked around. What happened to that girl?! December with t-shirt? Trust me, it was really warm. You didn't need the down coat.

College t-shirt is such a good thing to wear. Isn't it so much school pride when students wear school-related stuffs out of school?! Schools in Hong Kong should design more nice cool jackets, t-shirts for students to wear.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


dress from bershka, blazer from enigma, earrings from mongkok, ankle boots from millies, bag from staccato

Other than burgundy, which is my new blog color, dark green is my second seasonal favorite color. I have looked for a dress shirt for a while. Green dress shirt is a perfect option!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunshine and Leisure

denim jacket from kookai, zip-up jacket from urban outfitter,top from izzue, skirt from tout a coup, bag from taiwan, leather converse

I now like to pair the zip-up jacket with denim jacket, cardigan or blazers. It is thin but warm. Denim jacket is a bit light for this weather but with an extra layer of that jacket, they offer the perfect warmness. 

Anyone realizes something different in these photos from the normal ones? I took them with my cell phone, haha... I brought my camera but forgot my SD card... Luckily, my phone worked fine.

I looked tired. I am now too engaged in reading novels... I have not slept enough for the past days. I am reading the last book of a series slowly and think I should take a break after that. Reading is intense.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Metallic Black

sweater from american apparel, skirt from causewaybay, tights from marks & spencer, ankle boots from millies, necklace from mongkok, bag from staccato

I am obsessed with Gold and black this Fall and Winter. Therefore, I fell in love with the whole selection from Stradivarius this season. However, most of them are party-like clothes. I don't have any occasion to wear them, so I just window-shopped there happily.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


cardigan from BDG, sweater from b+ab, trousers from Stradivarius, laced-up booties from DSW, bag from hiroshima, necklace from forever 21

After staying in a place well-known of its coldness for 3 months, I thought I would be good at withstanding the winter in Hong Kong. Yet, I have been putting on more and more blankets for the past two weeks. I even dug out my superwarm underwear. I do miss the radiator in my dorm room.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekday denim

denim shirt from izzue, sweater from b+ab, shorts from izzue, blazer from enigma, tights from hue, necklace from b+ab, leather converse

The temperature is dropping. Therefore, I can put on sweater again! This year's sweaters are very nice. I would like to buy a lot of them but they are too bulky for me to carry back to the US. I recommend my tights from hue. The length, tightness and texture are perfect.