Friday, November 23, 2012

the Fall Breeze

checked shirt from tommy hilfiger, jeans from abercrombie and fitch, cardigan from calvin klein, bag from staccato, necklace from pull & bear, earrings from francesca, converse

Yes, I am finally posting photos that reflect my current outfit. I enjoyed the fall breeze and many other things that were familiar but unfamiliar to me (i.e. rain, high humidity... crowded MTR. ...). It was such a weird feeling to walk around the street at 5pm and see students with uniforms going home. At that moment, I realized that I was not longer a secondary school student. I felt the distance between me and those teenagers with uniforms. I wanted to tap those people's shoulders and say "treasure your secondary school life." (haha... just like a stalker)

I enjoy my college life. Freedom, flexibility and individuality in college life are all that I longed for in the past. However, secondary school life is always my sweet memory, a fundamental part in my memory bank.

Is anyone surprised of my haircut? My last major cut was done ... 2 years ago I think.... This was more of my hairstylist's idea than mine. I agreed that I need a change.  My hairstylist got bored of my hair, more than I did. haha. Hair will grow (quickly) and I do need a major cut because I don't plan to cut my hair for the coming 6 months in the US....

Saleswomen at the boutique were interested in my haircut. During my window shopping, she asked me  about my haircut, my handbag, my necklace, my outfit in general... It was fun when saleswomen were interested in your outfit. Shouldn't it be another way round? I took it as a compliment.

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