Saturday, November 10, 2012

Late Fall Summery

lace top from kookai, short from french collection, oxford shoes from melani, tote bag from zucca, collar necklace from pull and bear

I started to feel the excitement of going home. I will be heading home in 10 days! Well.. before that, I have to go through my crazy 10th week and finals. I can't wait to eat food in Hong Kong. I don't really miss Chinese food very much. I believe that I can cook them anyway when I bring the ingredients back here after the break. However, I miss bread, Hong Kong style... fish/ tuna/ ham/ garlic bread. I can never make them on my own. 

The second thing that I miss is blogging. Haha..... These photos were taken three months ago and I never had time to post them. In reality, I am currently wearing tights, sweater, and coat. I am sharing with you off-season outfit, oops.

I saw from the news that Hong Kong would have a great temperature drop very soon. Therefore, I know that this is my last chance to upload these photos. Summer seems so far away from me already. 

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