Friday, November 30, 2012


cardigan from calvin klein, shirt from kookai, skirt from american apparel, tights from marks & spencer, shoes from melani

The weather has been springlike since I came back. Weird... weird...weird... I don't feel well with this weather, even a bit sick. hmm... This is yet to be my most satisfying outfit but I feel like updating my blog. 

I heard different christmas songs playing in the malls, stores... I was very annoyed by those digitalized versions which ruined the original meaning of the songs. Come on, play quality music. Good christmas music brings up people's mood to shop!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

blazer haze

blazer from banana republic, tee from tout a coup, short from izzue, tights from marks & spencer, shoes from hush puppies, earrings from american eagle outfiter

This is my mom's blazer. It is always nice that I can fit into my mom's clothes. ... although she is one size bigger. I get so many more options because of it. I wish I can share shoes with my mom too, but I can't... My feet are far bigger than my mom's. 

When I was young, I always wished to wear my mom's shoes. However, I remember the moment that I wore the same shoe size as my mom was very short... My feet grew speedily and quickly exceeded my mom's size. oops... 

Friday, November 23, 2012

the Fall Breeze

checked shirt from tommy hilfiger, jeans from abercrombie and fitch, cardigan from calvin klein, bag from staccato, necklace from pull & bear, earrings from francesca, converse

Yes, I am finally posting photos that reflect my current outfit. I enjoyed the fall breeze and many other things that were familiar but unfamiliar to me (i.e. rain, high humidity... crowded MTR. ...). It was such a weird feeling to walk around the street at 5pm and see students with uniforms going home. At that moment, I realized that I was not longer a secondary school student. I felt the distance between me and those teenagers with uniforms. I wanted to tap those people's shoulders and say "treasure your secondary school life." (haha... just like a stalker)

I enjoy my college life. Freedom, flexibility and individuality in college life are all that I longed for in the past. However, secondary school life is always my sweet memory, a fundamental part in my memory bank.

Is anyone surprised of my haircut? My last major cut was done ... 2 years ago I think.... This was more of my hairstylist's idea than mine. I agreed that I need a change.  My hairstylist got bored of my hair, more than I did. haha. Hair will grow (quickly) and I do need a major cut because I don't plan to cut my hair for the coming 6 months in the US....

Saleswomen at the boutique were interested in my haircut. During my window shopping, she asked me  about my haircut, my handbag, my necklace, my outfit in general... It was fun when saleswomen were interested in your outfit. Shouldn't it be another way round? I took it as a compliment.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seasons of the Fall term

I am now waiting for boarding back to Hong Kong. (This is always the best time for blogging, haha.) Time for my Fall term recap:

Although I have only been here for three and a half month, I have almost experienced all seasons.. (well, it had less rain than a real spring and less snow than a severe winter... but the seasonal variation was already more than most countries along the equator, and many of tropics.

1. Fall term began with frisbees, a lot of frisbees. When temperature was warm and we had a lot of free time, we spent most of the time with frisbees..... 

2. First day of lab, when weather was nice and we were still energetic to run and laugh early at 8 am... 

2. Classes started, and life was busy again. Frisbees disappeared from the bald spot. Leaves were slowly changing color.

3. When everything was nice outside but I had so much reading...... I spent my Friday reading by window.

4. Red, green, orange.... The most colorful moment of campus. I finally experienced Autumn.

5. The last day of Minnesota nice weather. Temperature dropped drastically after that day. No student study at the bald spot after that day.

6. Fallen leaves piled up the ground. I had a lot of fun time kicking them when I was walking.

7. After a week of chilly weather, the temperature was nice again. I of course spent some quality reading time at the bald spot.

8. The weather forecast predicted that there would be snowfall for a couple of times but none of them was correct. The sky had been gloomy for days. It was 10th week; life was tough. I woke up unwillingly at 6-ish one day,  looked out at the white sky and thought "oh.. it is another gloomy day :(". When I came back from the bathroom, looked out from the window again, to the ground this time, and realized the ground the was white.... I SCREAMED. YES, that was my long awaited snowfall. The first snowfall in my life! 10th week was tough but there was little treat from the sky for us. ;)

9. My first time to play with snow, wohoo. What's the point of writing "snow" when you can tell that's snow? ... huh, I don't know. I guess I wanted to emphasize my excitement and happiness.

The Christmas carol, "First Footprints", that I have sung for 6 years rang in my head for the whole day. It explained all my feelings. 

-"Frosty windows greet the morning light.
Out my window is a blanket of white.
So much excitement, So much delight,
Making first footprints in a blanket of white.

Snow, Snow!"-

10. My first time to look at snowflakes! 

11. It snowed but it was not that cold. Time for a walk.

12. Snow melted. Dotted clouds and barren trees formed a new picture.

13. Finals. Time to sit back and enjoy sunset in your room when you are writing your final paper.

Monday, November 19, 2012

a Term

shirt from tout a coup, shorts from stradivarius, boots from kookai

I didn't realize how long my hair has grown until looking at these photos again. These photos are the perfect indicators. I took them right before leaving Hong Kong. I will soon complete the first term of my college life. woohoo.  

I have been in the United States for three and a half months. It was like yesterday, except my hair reminded me that it was not...

Holiday season is coming soon. I am lacking of holiday excitement right now. Commercialized society does induce your festive excitement. In a little town like here, you cannot see any festival lights and hear christmas carols in November. This makes me feel that something is missing. I tried playing christmas carols on my laptop ... but still that's different and incomparable. I can't wait to sing christmas carols!

It was fun to look at the photos again. I had no idea why I made so many weird faces in the photos on that day.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Late Fall Summery

lace top from kookai, short from french collection, oxford shoes from melani, tote bag from zucca, collar necklace from pull and bear

I started to feel the excitement of going home. I will be heading home in 10 days! Well.. before that, I have to go through my crazy 10th week and finals. I can't wait to eat food in Hong Kong. I don't really miss Chinese food very much. I believe that I can cook them anyway when I bring the ingredients back here after the break. However, I miss bread, Hong Kong style... fish/ tuna/ ham/ garlic bread. I can never make them on my own. 

The second thing that I miss is blogging. Haha..... These photos were taken three months ago and I never had time to post them. In reality, I am currently wearing tights, sweater, and coat. I am sharing with you off-season outfit, oops.

I saw from the news that Hong Kong would have a great temperature drop very soon. Therefore, I know that this is my last chance to upload these photos. Summer seems so far away from me already.