Friday, October 12, 2012

Turkey : Cappadocia

1. Cave hotel at Cappadocia

2. Horses ride

3. (fake) Hello kitty and snoopy are also famous in Turkey!

4. Evil eyes on tree

5. Sunset at Cappadoica

6. Mushrooms

7. Sunrise with hot air balloon ride

8. We helped setting up the hot air balloon.

9. About 80 balloons in the air!

10. Mr. pilot explained how to operate the hot air balloon.

11. Mr. pilot also owns a hotel.

9. Raki (a very strong turkish alcohol) 

10. Mountains with no trees

11.  Testi kebab (food cooked in clay pot)

12. Turkish wine containers

13. Goreme open air museum

 14. Shops at Cappadocia. Cappadocia has nice souvenirs with good deal.

15. Underground city with 7 floors deep

16. Apricots

17. The highest point of Uchisar

I chose the pictures and saved them here as draft when I first arrived in the States.  (A day when I spent only on the hotel's bed  because I was so sick after eating so much good food in countless farewells in a row). After working breathlessly for weeks, it is finally my mid term break. It is a weird feeling to be able to breathe. There is a hole in my life... I know it is time for me to blog... haha

Cappadocia is my favorite place in my Turkey trip. The landscape is gorgeous. The souvenirs there were also the cheapest! (GREAT!) Hot air balloon ride was an amazing experience. That was my first time to wake at 3 am in the morning. Well  worth my sacrifice of sleep for the stunning views.

People must bear the heat and be willing to walk A LOT in order to explore Cappadocia. You must not have height fright so that you can climb to the very tip of the lanscape to see the best view and to take the best picture! I am now very good at climbing rough lanscapes. haha.

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