Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Maturity

 blazer from urban outfitter, lace top from lady story, denim pantskirt from zara, clutch from Tsim Sha Tsui, heels from le saunda

I have a mature face. I know it and I am used to it. Since primary school, it has been common that people guess my age 2 years older. This gives me more freedom. It looked totally fine for me to walk into a stationery shop, cosmetic counter, boutique... I never look too young to travel around. 

I always like to ask people to guess my age. When I grow older now, I suppose I look closer to my age. However, someone just guessed I was 21 years old. hm.... seems like what I think is wrong.

Children want to become adults. Therefore, I welcome my mature face. As time goes by, I start to wonder -- what if I become an adult? Adults like to stay young. I hope I just look mature but not old.

I specially matched this outfit to fulfill my curiosity, how I would look like in the future. Well, perhaps I look far from this in the future or I hate blue or I don't wear skirt anymore... 

The lace top was originally a one-piece which I bought long time ago. I found that I had worn it for just few times, so I decided to modify it by removing the excess lace and cutting it into a top. I may further modify it later. 

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