Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Adult

shirt from tout a coup, skirt from Forever 21, oxford shoes from melani, silvery collar necklace from pull & bear

August girl picked spring colors. I bought this skirt long ago but did not have an occasion to wear it. Birthday is my day so I decided to dress in formal. Then, I got to wear this skirt. I remember my birthday outfit... at least up to 6 years ago. 

Finally, I am an adult. Some may say that they would like to experience childhood again; some say they would like to be kids forever; some hate homework and examinations and want to attend kindergarten again... I heard these comments all the time but I would never say that. I DON'T want to be a child again. It is NOT fun at all. Since primary (or even earlier), I have dreamt of being an adult. I want the freedom. Come on, if you study kindergarten again, you would one day study primary, secondary again too. Then, you have to do all the homework, tests, examinations AGAIN. Therefore, I prefer to look forward. I want a farewell to primary and secondary schooling. 

Nothing changes at this moment. I feel all the same. What should an adult feel like?... I am a new comer.

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