Friday, August 24, 2012

Turkey : Istanbul

1. Dolmabahce Palace 

2. Peacock at Dolmabache Palace

3. Gate of the Dolmabache Palace

5. Night cruise

6. Harbor fish burger

5.  Bosphorus harbor 

6. Kebab

7. Pigeons

8. Spice Bazaar

9. Old wooden house

10. Fish baked in salt

11. Belly dance at cruise

12. Galata Tower

I stopped uploading photos on Facebook at some point. I guess perhaps people will watch when I just select some and post them here.

Turkey is a very lovely country with different characteristics at different areas.  Istanbul is friendly, beautiful and antique. Istanbul is beautiful because of its architecture and red roofs. 

I highly recommend trying the fish burger along the harbor. Too bad that I had my meal already and it was towards the end of the trip. Else, I would have eaten 2 burgers or visited there again on the following day.

I also tried the seafood on the Galata bridge. The food was delicious but it was the most expensive meal of our trip. 

Turkey has good food but when you stay there for longer, food becomes repetitive. Then, I appreciate the variety that Chinese cuisine provides.

Many might have heard of the turkish spices. They are delicious! We bought some and cooked at home. Many people were surprised that we had bought the spices and thought it would be difficult to cook with them. No! It is absolutely easy! They named the spices as meat spices, chicken spices, vegetable spices.... You just have to add the right one into the food.

I watched and tried belly dance. The performer picked me at the cruise. It was hard to dance any step when the tummy was filled with food! Belly dance is a sophisticated dance that the lady exercised every tiny part of the muscles. The ones that we usually watch on TV shows and at local performances are nothing comparable.

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