Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Panda and I



floral tank top from uniqlo, lace top from zucozz, pants from izzue, jacket from Japan, tote bag from page one, loafers from hush puppies, bracelet from the U.S.

I am curious to know if anyone found my lace top familiar. I remember that someone once questioned about the quantity of clothes in my wardrobe when I first started blogging. I replied that my closet built up from the clothes that I bought when I was in primary. Therefore, I have quite a lot of clothes now.

So... what is this piece? This is the top of my P.6 graduation lunch outfit! Yes... I have shopped at adult's boutiques since primary. I now still wear, though not a lot, the clothes that I bought when I was in primary. Certainly, I match them in very different ways for variety. Today I tried to match lace with floral prints; straps with tank.  

Love the panda? It seems like the panda has a better camera face than I do. I got it from the book fair.

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