Monday, July 23, 2012

Before Typhoon

shirt from French Collection, asymmetric cut skirt from bershka, bag from Taiwan, champagne converse 

Typhoon Vicente is now strongly hitting Hong Kong. Out of my memory, there were not many typhoon No. 8. I remember that many nights when typhoon No.3 was hoisted, I browsed the observatory webpage and analyzed the typhoon pathway, eagerly hoping for a no. 8 typhoon signal. But it did not come!

Every time it just left us with heavy rain, terrible weather, without reaching signal no.8. I sadly picked up my school bag and went to school. Umbrellas, shoes, socks were hanging everywhere in the classrooms. 

When I was in F.6, I started to hope that typhoon or any bad weather signal would not come. When there are SBAs, quizzes, tests everyday, it is better to keep the schedule. With one day of suspension, all of the tasks would be postponed and packed together. (Tragedy) 

Anyone realizes that I have a different background this time? Guess where it is? 


Right... Hong Kong City Hall. I went to watch a concert. It is weird to take blogging photos in front of crowds but I guess it is better to get more varieties for my backgrounds.  I observed that no one wore orange or red that day. Hong Kong people do seldom wear colorful items. I also matched with a mint cardigan that day but it was not in the photos. It is all about colour blocking!

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