Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hong Kong : Causeway Bay

1. Newly opened Forever 21 (the first Forever 21 in Hong Kong) / 2. Capital Cafe near Wan Chai/ 3. Grilled razor clams/ 4. Grilled vegetables/ 5. Bread with chocolate moose and ice-cream (Dessert)

Sometimes when we travel to the other countries, we may ask the local for help. The local often replied " I don't know too, sorry." Then, a question came to my mind " Are you a local? How could you not knowing the places if you are a local?" A minute later, I found their responses totally understandable. If a tourist ask me something about Hong Kong, I may not know too. Although I have been living in Hong Kong for 17 years, I must admit that I don't know Hong Kong well. Therefore, in these months, I am exploring different districts in Hong Kong. Find good spots; find good food.

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