Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back to School

top from Mango, jeans from izzue, backpack from Zip--it, ring from Monki, necklace from Forever 21, shoes from clarks 

Yesterday was my Graduation Day. I am nostalgic today and would like to dress in a back-to- school look. I know I haven't blogged for a while and indeed I have taken few sets of pictures but was too busy to post them up. However, I must post this one today as to mark the end of secondary school life. Saturday used to be my favorite day to go to school because I can wear my own clothes. We cannot wear casual wear to school now. I treat it as a miss. The power is up when you are in casual wear to go to school. You can feel that you are bonded to the school in another way. The sense that you are connected with the school in your own way instead of becoming a part of the school by following the rules.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Black and White

shirt from Forever 21, pants from tout a coup, belt and oxford shoes from Melani, bag from Staccato

I realized that I had not done any outfit post in black and white so I intentionally match my today's outfit. The polka dots pants is very comfy. This may be my one and only polka dots item. I seldom wear polka dots but I like this one because it is subtle. However, compared to jeans, there is a trouble of wearing comfy cotton pants. You won't be aware of gaining weight! Then, it is a pain when you wear your old jeans again and find that they were so tight. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Orange

 orange shirt from French Collection, black jeans from izzue, bag from Staccato, shoes from Joy & Peace, necklace from a shop at Cheung Chau

Anyone realizes that this is my third consecutive day wearing shirt? From this you can tell how much I love shirts. This may be my first orange item. It seems like I have surprising chemistry with orange colour that I looked better than I imagined. I was about to put it down when I was at the shop. It proves again that it is important to try the clothes before buying. Clothes that I had tried on are more likely to stay as my favourites in my wardrobe.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flowers and Leaves

shirt from Bershka, shorts from tout a coup, shoes from Clarks, necklace from a shop at Cheung Chau

The necklace is my new in! I have been looking for this kind of necklace for so long and I expected to find one during my shopping at Causeway Bay. To my surprise, I finally found this necklace at Cheung Chau but not at Causeway Bay. So... the leaves around my neck match with the flowers on my shoes, occasionally.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Exploration

blue shirt from a boutique at Tsim Sha Tsui, shorts from Tommy Hilfiger, shoes from Clarks, bracelets from Pandora and Bluesy Mod

I went to Cheung Chau today. The weather was just fine, not too sunny or gloomy. Luckily that we ignored the weather forecast which said today would rain heavily. This weather is perfect for outing. The shirt and the shorts are my favorites. I bought the shorts from an outlet in the States last year. I miss outlets right now. I wished I had paid closer attention to find good stuffs at the outlet. Outlet is a perfect place to buy any classic items. However, the outlets in Hong Kong are totally incomparable. 

Hong Kong : Cheung Chau

I have been to Cheung Chau for so many times but my anticipation to visit Cheung Chau is always here. Cheung Chau is my favourite outlying island in Hong Kong. There are a lot of small shops and good food. Besides, you may also ride a bike or spend some time at the beach. Go spend a day there. Find your "holiday mood" back.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walk in Skirt

pink top from Calvin Klein, blue skirt from Urban Outfitter, bag from Staccato, shoes from Clarks

This is a day with a lot of walking. When we know that we have to walk a lot on a certain day, we usually end up wearing shorts. Yet, if the skirt is comfy, it makes no difference between wearing a skirt and shorts. I bought this skirt at Urban Outfitter when there was a big sale. Since it has a good length for casual wearing, I bought it without any hesitation! Haha. Well, I did consider for a while. I just have a few skirts because I have difficulty in finding skirts with good length. Mini skirts look good, but I prefer to buy skirts with a length that cause me less trouble.

Hong Kong : Causeway Bay

1. Newly opened Forever 21 (the first Forever 21 in Hong Kong) / 2. Capital Cafe near Wan Chai/ 3. Grilled razor clams/ 4. Grilled vegetables/ 5. Bread with chocolate moose and ice-cream (Dessert)

Sometimes when we travel to the other countries, we may ask the local for help. The local often replied " I don't know too, sorry." Then, a question came to my mind " Are you a local? How could you not knowing the places if you are a local?" A minute later, I found their responses totally understandable. If a tourist ask me something about Hong Kong, I may not know too. Although I have been living in Hong Kong for 17 years, I must admit that I don't know Hong Kong well. Therefore, in these months, I am exploring different districts in Hong Kong. Find good spots; find good food.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Start with Mint

 dress from Pull & Bear, shoes from Clarks, bracelets from Pull & Bear and Pandora, watch from my mom

I would like to start my blog with my seasonal favourite colour, mint.  Dresses used to be my favourite in the closet. However, somehow, I stopped buying and wearing any dress. Last year, I found that all my dresses were gone. I started buying dresses again. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dream something

Since holiday is so precious, I have to make it full and do things that I have longed for doing but have never done. What if being a blogger? Life is all about experiments.