Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekend Blue

(off-the-shoulder top from causeway place, flare jeans from abercrombie & fitch,  platform shoes from madrid, spain,  earrings from allied plaza, bag from jill scott, rings from fby, hair clip from seoul, south korean, bracelet from sawafrica)

Weekend blue is not so blue. 
(I might be more blue that weekend is almost over now... jkjk)

Even though I have been staying in Hong Kong, my last blogpost was two months ago... My hair was medium length in those photos and now I can pull up a long pony tail. Wow. I guess my hair did grow quite a lot. No wonder my hair stylist asked me what I had been eating when she saw my photos on Facebook. :P

It has been difficult to coordinate a time with my mom to do any photoshoot. This weekend, I was determined to replace my Facebook profile picture. I felt slightly odd that my photo was me wearing a graduation gown when I am currently actively pursing another degree. 

Do you still own a pair of flare jeans? I remember I used to have several pairs when I was a kid. I then got rid of them, mostly because I grew taller, but also because I thought cool teenagers should wear skinny jeans. I bet all of you were the same! hahaha! Don't lie!

This summer, I decided to get a pair of flare jeans again. (That's what fashion is about, right? Styles just come and go in cycles). I guess flare jeans nowadays are designed to match with high platform corks or boots, so they are all super long... After a debate between practicality and style, I brought the jeans to a dressmaker to trim it by 3 inches. Yes, 3 inches! It's a pity that the jeans is not as flared now, because I trimmed the widest ends. Yet, practicality wins in this age.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Poke Balls

(white shirt dress from cheung sha wan wholesale market, flat-top hat from granville circuit, Tsim Sha Tsui, necklace from mimosa, bag from jill scott, rosary bracelet from Myeong-dong Cathedral, watch from vivienne westwood, earrings from ball of blossom @ D2 market)

Poke balls? Have you been playing Pokemon Go? It went viral in Hong Kong. The other day, my way was blocked multiple times by strangers who stopped right in my face to catch pokemon. I was a very cooperative stranger too... I didn't want to block their way, so I walked behind their back. I honestly also tried playing the game and gave up. I concluded that I spare no love for computer games.

Nonetheless, I was inspired by Pokemon Go to have a ball-loaded outfit (see my earrings and my hat). Well, you need to bring enough poke balls with you to catch pokemon, right?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

At Your Back

(top from moussy, bralette from kwai chung plaza, midi-skirt from cheung sha wan wholesale market, loafers from rockport, tote bag from Wisconsin Madison Dane County farmers' market, earrings from Taipei)

What to you think about a skyline like this? I thought it looked so familiar yet odd. This is not in any districts where people usually go for a rooftop restaurant. Here, we get to see how densely populated Hong Kong is, how little green space we have, how narrow our blue sky is. Enough said, chilling with friends at this place was still a nice breeze in the hot air.

Yesterday, I celebrated my friends birthday, and commemorated our 14th years of friendship. How great is the feeling of knowing there are always some friends at your back? ;)

Back details is one of the fashion highlights of this summer. Yesterday, I matched my wide back top with a lace bralette. Originally, I was hoping to contrast my white top with a bright bralette, but this particular bralette which I had my eye on only had black and white two colors. Style matters more than the color, so I ended up getting this lace bralette in white. I am kind of glad that I picked this white-on-white match. What do you think?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pseudo Getaway

(maxi dress from sheinside, sandals from franco sarto, necklace from francesca's, bracelet from the limited, earrings from kate spade, super cheesy tote from Wisconsin Madison Farmer's market, hat from tsim sha tsui, ring from mimosa)

My summer break is ending soon. WHAT? 

Time to put myself together...

I don't recall the sun in Hong Kong being so bright. Because I found the bright sun unbearable, especially during the time I get out to meet with friends for lunch, I decided to get a sun hat. Isn't this fun and cute? I have decided to get one with flat top with a moderate brim. A hat with wide and floppy brim s probably too pretentious for day-to-day outfits navigating in the city center. Colorful woolen balls enable me to match the hat with outfits of any color. 

I first found a similar hat which has the classic black ribbon in a shopping mall. It was pretty nice but seriously overpriced. I then ventured into small shops at the back street and found this lovely hat, imported from Korea according to the saleswoman, with half the price! I am quite proud. haha

I love to study to marketing strategies and deals of different brands. Such strategic movements reflect so much about people and their brands' thought-process. I have definitely noticed differences between discount and marketing strategies in Hong Kong and in the States. I am currently in the process of reattuning to everything about Hong Kong, or in fact, updating myself about the Hong Kong today. You may think four years isn't that long, or I have been visiting Hong Kong regularly. Yet, it is a different story to settle down in Hong Kong again. So much has evolved since I left, including marketing strategies. I began to detect some pattern in Hong Kong. I am quite excited to one day get a hang of it.

Looking at some of the pop culture prevalent in Hong Kong, I often think "Hong Kongers are actually quite weird."

Of course, at other times, I also think, "There is no place like home."

**typed with my barbecue pork (叉燒)smelling hand. just marinated (massage) some barbecue pork for tomorrow :P

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Local

(top from tout a coup, pants from jeanasis, platform shoes from Cordeleria, in Madrid, Spain, earrings from Camden Market in London, bag from Jill Scott, necklace from mimosa)

Obviously, I am back in Hong Kong! Many friends have been asking me what I have been up to in Hong Kong. "How's life in Hong Kong?" Honestly, nothing much. Usually, a day passes without knowing how. I spend most of the day in front of my computer, educating myself about the Hong Kong music industry, jazz scenes in Hong Kong, fashion trends, beauty techniques... Haha! This is a very nice way to package what I have doing every day. Basically, I have been surfing the web... 

This sounds like the very familiar good-old-days of Agnes. (Friends in the States might be surprised...)Yeah, Agnes would surf on the web too...Indeed, this is drastically different from my life in the States. My life has reached to the maximum capacity in my senior year; I barely had time to sit down and take a break within the day. Sometimes I don't understand how I can sleep so much now. Sometimes I wonder if I am not being productive this summer. Sometimes I tell myself-- I deserve a break.

Chilling at home is the most comfortable thing. My outfit at home has been limited to all kinds of Carleton swags. I have not noticed how much school pride I have.

Other news, I did a youtube cover earlier. I would describe covering such song as a "guilty pleasure". It admittedly isn't the most challenging song, hence probably wouldn't be a song people usually cover. Yet, it has a groove that stuck in my head. I also enjoyed looking into the camera pretending to be innocent... hahaha

enjoy the cover at:

Next, I have started a Facebook fan page sharing my culinary adventure. As you may know (or not know), I have a strong passion for cooking. Especially during this last year, when I lived in a college townhouse with its own kitchen, I have experimented with many exciting dishes. In response to my mom's feedback, I started the fan page to share my culinary experience in a more organized fashion.

check this out:

Finally- speaking of fashion/ fashion blogging

It has been considerably harder to take pictures for blogging now. My mom's and my availability simply don't match. Hence, many of my back-in-hong kong outfits which I would love to share were not photographed. 

As always, I recognize that I dress in different styles depending on the environment. The hottest items in Hong Kong right now are definitely off-the-shoulder tops and loose pants. I got my top in spring.  I have been matching the top with skinny jeans in the States, but yesterday, I got a sudden inspiration to match it up with my newly purchased loose pants. Guess it worked out well? :P

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Denim On-Air

(jacket from abercrombie & fitch, mustard yellow shirt from kwai chung mall, denim skirt from b+ab, clogs from boc, pearl necklace from stonehenge, bracelet from pandora)

I noticed my last post didn't show how humid and foggy Hong Kong has been. I have been basically living within the clouds. Hand lotion seems unnecessary; I should have left it in the States.

Massive cleanup continues. Today I tried on all my pants and skirts, one by one. After about eight years, I fell in love with my denim skirt again. For unknown reasons, I didn't wear the denim skirt that many times in the past. It has been sitting in my wardrobe for eight years. I am amazed that I didn't get rid of it. How can I stand having all the clothes that I seldom wear occupying my wardrobe space? That being said, I am very grateful that I have kept my denim skirt.

My wardrobe is like a library to me. I keep a set of white shirts with different material, black pants with different fit, tees with a range of color. Fashion trend comes second. What's more important is to dress to express my feeling of the day. 

By the way, I took these pictures with my tripod. The second-to-last photo is what I got with the "smile detection" function. I guess my smile is quite detectable. :P

It also seems like my blog pageviews may hit 20,000 with this blogpost. Thank you all for your support. Thanks for asking me for fashion advice. Thanks for complimenting my style. This place has been more like my fashion journal for myself. Even though I love some of my old outfits and I still own all those garments, I don't feel like replicating those matches anymore. Life encompasses many stages. I am glad to have this place to document my style. Those outfits represent a moment, and a stage. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Floral in the Mist

(floral jacket from bershka, patterned shirt from kookai, jeans from jeanasis, clogs from boc, leather tote from fat face) PC: Natalie Lau

 Hello world! I am still here and I haven't forgotten my fashion blog. I chose to return to Hong Kong for my senior Spring break. When I see on the social media all the amazing photos of my friends traveling around the world (well, predominantly the States),  I feel slightly conflicted. Did I make the right choice to come home? Would I rather use my last Spring break to travel a little more? 

I am still glad to be home, and to be reminded how Spring in Hong Kong is like. It surprises me how foreign the experience of living in a humid place is. I stared with confusion at the water vapors on the windows of my room. Wait a second, I have lived in Hong Kong my whole life... This really shouldn't be new to me. I still remember I felt like a deeply soaked towel the night I stepped on the Hong Kong soil again. 

This Spring break return is missionary, meaningful, and productive.  I moved about 100lbs of winter stuff home. I am reconfiguring my room for my return after graduation. I also proceeded with the preparation of many post-graduation plans. I baked some New York-style bagels. I cooked for my family and relatives. I explored many Hong Kong traditional streets. I ate a lot of delicious food, like the egg puff with purple yam and sweet potato fillings in the photos. 

Classic egg puff is usually plain. This shop gives a modern twist and offers a variety of fillings/ flavors including Belgium chocolate, green tea, sesame, and the purple yam and sweet potato that I tried today. I liked that the purple yam offered natural sweetness to the egg puff. I definitely recommend you trying it!

Okay, finally sharing with you my thoughts on my outfit today... I think it is challenging to find something to wear that suits this weather, especially when I have left most of my spring clothes in the States. Hong Kong is humid, mildly cool, and windy right now. I decided to go for pattern on pattern today. Put on your floral shirt; spring is a season to blossom!